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Mint Trash NFTs and Save the Ocean in WWF’s Metaverse on Polygon

Welcome to SaveYour.World, a collaborative metaverse by WWF Deutschland and Savespecies, run on Journee and powered by the Polygon network. Soft-launched on World Cleanup Day, this beautiful, immersive experience has a dual aim...

WWF & Savespecies - The first Metaverse for a good cause

With #OceanDetox, WWF Germany and Savespecies are opening the first exhibition space for a good cause in the Metaverse on World Cleanup Day. The exhibition draws attention to the global plastic waste crisis and generates direct support...

Trash-NFTs to reduce plastic in the Ozean: WWF creates Metaverse

Out of the sea, into the wallet: The environmental organization WWF issues garbage NFT to draw attention to the polluted ocean. Web3 fans can fish the garbage NFT from a metaverse for a good cause.
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