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Welcome to the first virtual world that saves the real world. Walk through the earth last treasure, discover habitats with its own interactable NFT exhibitions and build up soon your own Home in the savespecies Metaverse where you can store and see your donations.

We dont need to explain that it has never been more urgent to save animals. In a time where people spend tons of money in apes, punks, apepunks, punkapes cryptoapes, etc...its time to bring purpose in this game. There is no way to collect nature, but we can collect the ownership of our all responsibility. The NFT earnings after cost recovery goes to wildlife foundations that fight for endangered animals.


Population: 249
Habitat: south asia mountains
Heartbeat: ❤️  100bpm
Weight: 84 pounds

Ξ sold out

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Population: 415,000
Habitat: Miombo woodlands
Heartbeat: ❤️  30bpm
Weight: 6 tons

Ξ 0.5 sold

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Population: 50,000
Habitat: Oceans
Heartbeat: ❤️  25bpm
Weight: 175 to 400 pounds

Ξ 0.8 on sale

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Population: 1,000
Habitat: mountains in congo
Heartbeat: ❤️  75bpm
Weight: 300 to 430 pounds

Ξ 0.9 sold

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Population: 18,000
Habitat: Grass savanna areas
Heartbeat: ❤️  70bpm
Weight: 3,080 to 7,920 pounds

Ξ 0.5 sold

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Population: 10,000-25,000
Habitat: oceans
Heartbeat: ❤️  30bpm
Weight: 200 tons

Ξ 1.5 on resale

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Population: 1,864 in the wild
Habitat: Forests of China
Heartbeat: ❤️  80bpm
Weight: 220 to 330 pounds

Ξ 1.5 on resale

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Population: 22,000-31,000
Habitat: Arctic Ocean
Heartbeat: ❤️  27bpm
Weight: 800 to 1,300 pounds

Ξ 0.15 sold

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Population: 100,000
Habitat: tundra
Heartbeat: ❤️  95bpm
Weight: 3 to 20 pounds

Ξ 0.33 sold

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Welcome to the first virtual world that saves the real world. Walk through the earth last treasure, discover habitats with its own interactable NFT exhibitions that saves endangered animals and habitats. Build up soon your own Home where you can store and see your donations and invest in a better world.


The new approach is called "Play to donate". You can buy digital collectibles that reside in the Metaverse and can be used there for interactions that increase the value of those collectibles. Similar to Play to earn, these collectibles can then be traded as NFTs on marketplaces. The users also earn karma points with their actions and enhance their digital twin with a soul. Building up a virtual identity is a main driver for Blockchain projects.

Enter the world


The Metaverse enables people from all over the globe to experience the problems of endangered habitats in a simple “entertaining” and “playful” way. NGOs exhibtions can highlight problems in habitats and start events within the savespecies world metaverse and collect donations through actions and interactions within the experience. The users will make an impact in the real world related to the NGOs projects.

#0 Main
Genesis Drop
#1 NFTs for a good cause get
implemented in the main hall
of the savespecies.world
#1 Habitat
The world’s oceans are full of
trash. Let’s buy this trash, kilo
by kilo, as digital collectibles
that are pulling real trash out
of the oceans

The 50 collectibles
Plastics, Chemicals and unique
items, the more dangerous and
pulltuing they are, the bigger
the impact of each sale.
A power that will be usable in
the metaverse soon.
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#2 Habitat
They are the “Lungs” of the planet
and 3/4 of all species call them their
home. Time to act!
We need to save them!

Upcoming exhibiton in early 2023

#3 Habitat
The consequences of climate
change are unfolding far more
rapidly and intensely in the
Arctic than anywhere else in
the world. Species being pushed
to the brinkTime to act! We need
to save them!

You are an NGO and
wanna host your event?
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